Most of us have some areas we want to downplay, and other areas we want to showcase. The key concept behind [seeded] is that smarter clothing should be able to do both at the same time, so you always look great, and never look like you're 'hiding'.

-Trudy Miller

    The perfect clothes for new and expecting moms

    Ever had to breastfeed at a party!  Wild Jasmine as a shrug has got you covered!

    Whether you're up or down on the scale, Trudy Miller Layers will fit and flatter your shape

    We mean it when we say out clothes look good on EVERY BODY.  Even more sizes coming in our Kickstarter campaign!

    With Trudy Miller Layers you can travel with a handbag!

    You can go dressy or casual with our Travel in Style capsule wardrobe

    And there you have it!