Energy Boost

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Learn some new layout, storage and organization tips in an Energy Boost session.

As a renter, the idea of investing in apartment upgrades may seem futile, unless it's low cost, or you can take it with you. This package is for you if you don’t know where to start because a lot isn't working, or if you can't imagine your home becoming more livable without spending a fortune. It's completely unnecessary to live in a space that doesn't serve you well, and I can't wait to show you how you can significantly improve it on a tiny budget.

In this one hour session, I'll run a diagnostic on your space to determine whether you're struggling with flow, layout, too much stuff, the wrong furniture, or organizational challenges. I'll also identify the low cost and semi-permanent changes you can make to get the most bang for your buck and start living in a home that you love.

Once you've booked this service, you'll be invited to schedule a 30 minute call to discuss your space, book a time, and get tips on how to prepare for my visit.

What clients are saying:

"I have been going nonstop all day cleaning out and reorganizing my apartment!  And it's amazing how much better it is already!  I will send you some pictures!"
- Briana