Magical Mommy Makeover

Magical Mommy Makeover

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Our Magical Mommy Makeover is for old hat moms who want to pump up the glam in style and comfort - and with a quickness!  

Trudy Miller Layers embrace the multiple quick transformations that mompreneurs and soccer moms have to make throughout the day, and we’ve turned it into a system so you van always look fabulous without a lot of work.

Why old hat moms love this:

  • “Universally flattering”
  • "Built-in camouflage"
  • "Super stylish without the usual fuss"

What you get:

  • Your choice of 2-6 body lovin' garments.
  • A 30-60 minute styling tour of your selections - in person (NYC) or online.
  • Seasonal styling updates via email and our youtube page.

How it works:

  • Select your package.
  • Answer our style profile questionnaire (link comes via email).
  • Schedule your appointment

     Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!