Our Sisterhood Has Expanded in Two Directions!

Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of seeing my first intentional TINY sized Wild Rose on someone!  I'm pleased with the proportions, and now in a state of gratitude about yet another error that turned into a "happy accident".  In fact, the reason I created two sizes in the first place was because I had bought 14 bolts of fabric in 7 different colors to do my first two-tone run. I was so excited.  Then once I got the seven samples made, there were two that had a much tighter fit.  My Dad who was a textile and dyeing engineer in a previous life told me that the tight ones were likely hot processed, so the shrinkage was different form the rest.  Really?  Great.  Just great.  It took me a few days to get over the absurdity of it all, and that's how SLIM and RELAXED sizes were born.  

Another such "happy accident" occured during my 2017 Kickstarter campaign, where sizes that came in too big and too small.  I was devastated and furious for quite some time, but fortunately I had made the decision to lean into sisterhood at the end of 2016, so I was well supported.  By then, I was thrilled that RELAXED sizing existed, because I was wearing some extra padding to get through the rough patch, and I knew at the very least that I would look nearly as fine as Kiera did in the photo above.  That freed me up to concentrate on other things until I was ready to release my 25 extra pounds without being even slightly pressed about my appearance.  In fact the sexy guys were still buzzing around because I didn't lose body confidence for the two years my weight was at an all time high!  ......Ooooowkaaay!!! 

Special thanks to Grace at Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts for being my tiny model yesterday! 

The School's fearless leader, Regena Thomashauer was having a fashion emergency.  She couldn't find her black Wild Rose, and needed another one to wear at a Pinterest event in San Francisco tonight.  I was thrilled to come to Regena's rescue, as she has done for me - and thousands of women over the past twenty years.