I love how the piece was so easy to integrate into my wardrobe and update my whole look. Plus I didn't have to dump everything I own, or spend a fortune!


I travel a lot, and with my new wardrobe, the bag-check is a distant memory, now that I can fit a week's worth of clothing in my handbag!   


These clothes are perfect because they are adaptable while still looking chic.  Why aren't there more clothing designs as perfect as this?


I love how Trudy Miller's designs are flexible in every way. They flatter my shape and are stylish whether I'm more curvy or slender - even throughout pregnancy and the postnatal phase. In the course of a day I can simply revamp a garment to adjust for fitness activities, temperature, occasion and even mood. For a busy breastfeeding mompreneur, this flexibility is EVERYTHING.


[These clothes] have enabled me - a woman who is not small - to feel sexy and confident, all at the same time.