Mama’s gonna be a mother again if she gets to wear that!
— Kathie Lee



I love the built in camouflage aspect of your designs. ;-)
— Tina
Women need clothes that are functional for all aspects of change in their lives-gaining/losing weight, running around to get things done, going out. These clothes are perfect because they are adaptable while still looking chic. Why aren’t there more clothing designs as perfect as this?
— Amanda
TML was perfect for my trip. I could wear multiple layers to create either soft or edgy looks but - most importantly, when the temperature climbed - I could just wear the simple pieces by themselves and throw on either heels or flip-flops.
— Marquina
I’ve been wearing the Kimono Dragon for four days in a row – coming in for a new color!
— Rebecca
These are clothes that are truly ecumenical. They work well with different body types and are compatible with existing wardrobes. I think it’s the restrained tonality as much as the flexible fit(s) that make them less extroverted than I had imagined. You own them, they don’t own you.
— Susan

Hi Trudy, I hope this e-mail finds you well.  

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you.  The dress I bought from you last summer is the greatest.  I wore it all through my pregnancy and in fact I had it on the week before I delivered.  

It was comfortable as I grew and I always felt great in it.  Now, 4 months post delivery, when most of my pre-pregnancy clothes are still too tight your dress still fits, is comfortable and feels great.  You are brilliant.  I am one of those women that are lucky to feel sexy while pregnant, but this phase of post delivery is such a struggle for me.  I have wardrobe crisis after crisis complete with hormonal tears because nothing fits or feels comfortable.  Your dress makes me feel good about my body even though I haven't lost all the weight.  Thank You.

With Love,



You have such a solid vision for sustainable fashion & design overall, and you really understand what women want. love love love it! 

Lastly, I appreciate that this is not just fashion for fashion's sake. It’s a way for the wearer to express her creativity... so the act of buying and using one of your pieces is not simply pure consumption but a combo of consumption + production.

stay awesome.